Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Adele & Adelaide

Hi, I'm Adele
and I'm Adelaide
and we're twins
well, we don't look so much alike
but we tried to dress up like each other once and switch classrooms and stuff
but it didn't work so well, since I have such beautiful flowing locks and Adele's hair, you couldn't rake a brush through that . . . .
oh give me a break with your "beautiful flowing locks," oh brother . . .
well it's true!
no it's not!
yeah, huh!
no way, just 'cause you got mom to call you Princess Rose that one day because you wouldn't come out of the dressing room . . . .
You're just jealous 'cause she told me I could change my name to Princess Rose when I turn 18!
Yeah, anyway . . . .
Atleast the one thing we do agree on is tormenting our scuzzbucket little brother Bobby.
EEEEWWW, just saying his name gives me the icky, wickys . . .
Did you see how he had allllll 5 toes in his mouth at once??
Gross out!
OK, so we have our very own super exclusive, super secret "Torment Bobby Club" AKA "We Love you Mom!" Club
(That's in case mom ever catches us)
And we have 7 1/2 rules so far to be in the super duper coolest club ever!

The I love to Torment Bobby Club!

Rule 1: The goal is to torture, torment, annoy, bother, and sabotage everything Bobby does, says, wants, . . .you get the picture.

Rule 2: Never accept responsibility for your actions concerning Bobby. If mom catches you, say "I love you mom! I have NO idea why bobby is crying, the poor dear" with a BIG smile :) (This one's my favorite!)

Rule 3: Never give up. There's always another way!

Rule 4: Repeat after me: "I am the best Little Bobby Sabotager of them all. I will stop at nothing to aggravate and annoy the little monster in the face of grave parental danger."

Rule 5: Always maintain a working super secret Torment Bobby Box filled with essentials such as worms, food dye, fake barf, chewed bubble gum, eraser shavings, and of course treats for us while we're planning the most heinous methods of torture.

Rule 6: Documenting Bobby in the act is the most important rule! When in denial, show mom and dad the evidence! (This one's toughest!)

Rule 7: Always keep your eyes peeled for someone else to rope in. Four hands are always better than two especially when you get caught: deny, deny, deny and point fingers (refer back to Rule 2).

Rule 7 1/2: Always pretend to be playing even though we ALL know we're WAY too old to play. (Mom and Dad suck that stuff up!)

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